[News] MEGA links are down. Again.

Welcome to Lazy Lily Fansubs, the place where you get more bad news than actual translated content! No, we’re happy for this constant annoyance! Really, we’re soooooo used to it!

We’re still fixing the many broken links at the moment, so it will take a while to get the MEGA links running again.

Go away now.





[HELP!] Help Lazy Lily with the Monitor Problem!

We’re down to 60-ish bucks and it would be great you guys help out! And in by doing so we can finally finish this doujin this weekend. Only if you help! More info here.

—SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

[News] Monitor/TV Went Kaput

The next thing to fail on my already-deteriorating set up is my HDTV/monitor. Yes, I’ve been using a TV. I can send the TV for repairs but it could take weeks or even a month to finish and I can’t afford to wait that long. And without a monitor, we can’t finish our scanlation projects (fucking honest we have something to share).

I’m planning to get a monitor to serve as a quick replacement/backup while the TV is being repaired. But, instead of buying a low quality monitor, I’m thinking of getting a decent one and turn that into my main monitor and the TV will serve as a backup and use it to watch anime.

I have saved up 100 USD, but the monitor I want cost well over 200 bucks and I need you help to raise the remaining amount. Yes, this post is another one of my countless solicitation posts. But instead of exposing myself as a pathetic poor human being, can you perhaps loan me the amount instead? In case you didn’t know, I’m working part-time as writer for an anime blog and the money I earned there is the reason why Lazy Lily Fansubs is still active despite the low donations.

If you will let me borrow 175-200 USD, I’ll return the money in a monthly installment of 50 USD a month using my writing money (hopefully with no interest). My writing income is already in jeopardy because I can’t write without a monitor, so I really need to get back at 100%.

Please help a goy! ;_;

Please pay me a visit on our Discord.

–SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

(I hate typing on my fucking phone ;_;7)

Aikatsu! Series Orchestra Concert ‘OrcheKATSU!’ is OUT!!!

This is a bit late, but here you go, folks!

I gotta tell ya, shipping takes a decade to arrive if you decide to pick the affordable shipping option. But, hey, it’s finally here in our possession, and, well, here ya go!

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Sakura Trick volume 1, chapter 03 version 2 is OUT!!!

How the KaeYuzu Goggles came into existence

Chapter 3 is finally out! As you may have noticed, this is version 2 of our old translations and the changes are significant with several re-edits (fixed some continuity errors) and we added new SFX translations that were not included in the first version. And of course this version has higher resolution too!

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[News] New Computer for Lazy Lily Fansubs Update: A New Case

You know, I have to admit something: I’m so obsessed with donations and complaining about everything monetary related. The current obsession is me trying to get a new computer to “future-proof” Lazy Lily Fansubs for another ten-or-so years. I went to a crowd-funding website to fund the computer, then putting an over-abundance of “ads” in our releases, and I even set up a Patreon. Now that our main source of traffic (Sakura Trick) is gone, getting new people to notice Lazy Lily Fansubs is difficult.

I did get donations and I did earn 3 patrons and you know what, things are changing because…

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