Sakura Trick manga volume 8 batch torrent is OUT!!!

Here is volume 8 of Sakura Trick all wrapped up in one batch file. Yeah, in case you didn’t know, or is reluctant to say Sakura Trick is over, this is the final volume of Sakura Trick. There will be no more Sakura Trick chapters past volume 8 (if they were, Japan had 3 years to tease them), and the only left for Lazy Lily to do is to go back and translate the older volumes we skipped. The true complete Sakura Trick translation will take a while.

You can help, by the way. :3

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Kanamemo chapters 59-60 are OUT!!!

Oh baby a triple!

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about Kanamemo and these chapters are actually appropriate for February 14 because they literally are Valentine’s chapters. Again, we totally didn’t delay the chapters so we can release them on the 14th of February (baka!). Honest (double baka!)!

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Sakura Trick volume 8, chapter 11—FINAL—is OUT!!!

This is it, ladies and gentlemen! This is the FINAL chapter of Sakura Trick manga! Let’s not beat around the bush and let’s get to the finale! Oh and Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

W-We certainly didn’t post this chapter on this specific Day of Love b-because we l-like you or anything! D-Don’t get the wrong idea, baka yarou w-weeb-san!

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My Blue Goddess

It’s been many years since Aikatsu! S4 ended, and believe me, I was devastated at the fact that I will never see Aoi on screen again. I clamored for Aoi-centric TV anime spin-offs, a season 5, a couple more movies, or a side story that takes place between OG S1 and S2, because, fuck man, I just wanted to see her again.

Several years had past and Aikatsu! has already moved on with new characters and new stories, and, for the most part, I got used to the absence of Aoi. Though chances for Aoi to come back on screen is near impossible, I’m still hopeful that I’ll see her again. And…

Hell… To point:

This idol girl will forever be in my heart, and I will continue to love her until the day I die. Aoi is the most wonderful and beautiful girl I have ever met, I’m very thankful for that. Aoi lightens up my days with that loving smile of hers, and her very existence why I’m still here doing the things I’m doing. Aoi is the reason why Lazy Lily Fansubs is still here.

Happy Birthday, Aoi. Happy Birthday, my Blue Goddess.


Sakura Trick volume 8, chapter 10 is OUT!!!

Yes, Kaede, it’s not over yet! We’re one chapter—I REPEAT—one chapter left in finishing Sakura Trick! Now isn’t that nice?! But before we hand you the SECOND TO THE LAST chapter of Sakura Trick, I think it’s time for newcomers to catch up on the manga.

*wink*Help us get the previous volumes*wink*

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