[Blog] Is Lazy Lily an Aikatsu! group, or is Lazy Lily do Aikatsu! on the side?

A comrade of mine asked that very same question and I get why they said it. Lazy Lily’s current staff are focused on releasing Sakura Trick manga and you can already tell we’re very committed in finishing the manga. However, counting volume 8 and translating the older volumes, it will take Lazy Lily Fansubs another year (or maybe 2) to complete the series. That’s not a bad thing, obviously, but it’s clear that Aikatsu! will continue to be at the sidelines for another year.

Unless, of course, we find more talented people. And that’s a problem.

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Kanamemo chapter 46 is OUT!!!

Another scanlation release, folks!

Last time was Christmas, and now it’s Valentine’s Day… Kanamemo skipped New Year for some reason. But still, Valentine’s Day is the time when psycho lesbians run amok, and coincidentally, Kanamemo has a resident psycho lesbian.

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Sakura Trick volume 7, chapter 08 is OUT!!!

And… we’re 3 chapters left in finishing volume 7! The best part is we may post all three next month! Sometimes I’m moved to tears when I see Lazy Lily Fansubs is delivering the goods. ;_;

But seriously, I think it’s time to prepare for volume 8’s translation.

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[News] New Aikatsu! Event, New Doujins

The 16th Aikatsu!-only Event is happening this July 16th, and that only means more doujins to get. Currently there’s nothing big that caught my attention, but I’ll still get whatever doujin I find interesting, or at least worth translating. One thing is for sure is we may get a few Aikatsu Friends! doujins, but personally, it’s too early to make some using little story that’s currently available. As of this writing, we barely know the main cast of characters.

When are we buying these new books? Not immediately. We no longer have the capability of sending someone to these events and get the rarest of books due to its high cost (hazard pay for the guy). The most realistic way to get these doujins is through the usual book stores in Japan. And yes, donating to our cause is a way to help Lazy Lily Fansubs buy these books.

Oh and are you interested in our untranslated scans, by any chance?

—SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs


In case you haven’t checked the news: Photokatsu will be shutting down this July and the KaeYuri event that’s happening right now will be the game’s finale. After that, all your spent dollars on randomly dropped lootboxes will go kaput and you’ll never get them again.

Normally I despise mobile games (ie touch-based games), but Photokatsu became an exception and loved it despite it having all the elements I hate about mobile gaming in general. I get to see Aoi wearing a variety of coords never before seen in the anime, and I even forked around $180 in hopes of getting the Premium Rare Aois. Those Aois never came. ;_;7

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