Kanamemo chapter 57 is OUT!!!

More Kanamemo and it’s the New Year with Kana, uhm, “holding in” her excitement! Oh and we’ll try to publish the next chapter before Christmas, so please stay tuned for that!

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Kanamemo chapter 56 is OUT!!!

Whoops! This took a while to finalize!

And don’t worry, you’ll get two more chapters after this one. Chapter 56 was supposed to be a November release, but it got slightly delayed.

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[Cute] TANKOBU ② by Kuwabara is OUT!!!

Part 2 is finally translated!

It’s very fun working on non-Aikatsu! titles and, if ever, we’ll pick up some short-length yuri doujin sometime in the future. Really, it’s quite nice to see some original stories once in a while. But for now, here is TANKOBU part 2!

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[Fundraising Campaign] Building a New Computer – Redux

Before harem, after harem

It’s not a full redux because the original post still has all the details you need to know regarding this donation drive thing. The main difference between this and the old post is…

Help Me Build A Computer Fundraising Edition

…this post has a fundraising campaign!

… yay!

Clarification below:

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