Kanamemo chapter 54 is OUT!!!

Tsun-tsun, dere-dere

And there you have it! We just finished Kanamemo volume 4! That leaves us with 2 more volumes to finish! At this rate we might end this cute yuri manga in 2019.

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#44 [Cute] Does Snow White’s Dream End Happily Ever After? (Aikatsu!) is OUT!!!

Another Aikatsu! doujin? Is this real life? Is Aoi still SHiN’s waifu? You betcha… ON ALL THREE QUESTIONS!

This doujin was originally planned for a Halloween-themed release this October 31st, but we decided to release it a bit early to celebrate Hikami Sumire’s birthday back in October 20th. So, yes, belated Happy Birthday, Sumire!

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#43 [Cute] YuzuLily Book (Aikatsu Stars!) is OUT!!!

We’re back for more Aikatsu! goodness, and this time our next translation is all about YuzuLily from Aikatsu Stars! You did watch the first spin-off, right? And don’t worry, we didn’t forget Halloween is just around the corner!

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[Blog] Wishful Thinking 2018

I live in a country where people start the Christmas season in September, so before the actual date arrives, I’m already fed up listening to the same damn Christmas jingles being played everywhere. And, I dunno, I just hope Saint Nick flies by and tuck in some nice things near the fireplace. *ahem*

The future of Lazy Lily Fansubs looks bright and I remain optimistic for my goal to provide the things I love: Fan-translations. We’re 2 volumes away in finishing Kanamemo and we’re almost done with Sakura Trick volume 8, and we’re poised to go back to the early volumes and 100% the manga. But that’s assuming we get the books we want.

Apart from those, I still remain confident we’ll get our new workstation assembled and raise enough money to buy more Aikatsu doujins, especially Stars and Friends doujins. If I do ever get the chance to buy more books, I’ll focus on getting every Ran x Aoi, Mahiru x Rola (and possibly Maika x Mio) doujins out there.

Some of these are just wishful thinking, if I’m being honest. Something bad might happen in 2019 and I may never get a new workstation, but, again, I remain optimistic. An optimistic outlook is always better than dreading for what’s to come.

And speaking of optimism…

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Sakura Trick volume 8, chapter 03 is OUT!!!

The most-awaited conclusion to the long-running saga is finally here! Is Shizuku going to the win the Kotone-bowl?!

Sorry for the delay of Sakura Trick, folks. But, as always, you needn’t worry about Sakura Trick because we’re not gonna drop it. I mean, duh, we’ve come this far and come this close in finish it!

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[Blog] Old doujins have arrived, and the potential difficulty for new ones

So the last batch of doujins has arrived and there’s a bit of history behind this box, so I’ll explain some of it and the problems of getting new ones. Of course you’ll see pictures of the books.

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[News] Proposed Plan for Sakura Trick Volumes 1-3

In case you missed it, Lazy Lily Fansubs will translate volumes 1-3 and potentially translate the Anthology series of Sakura Trick after we are done with Sakura Trick volume 8. The plan will not change but there is a slight change in the details like better scans.

Apart from we’re missing Kanamemo volume 6, the scans we have for Sakura Trick volumes 1-3 are in low quality, and we decided to buy the manga and scan the pages ourselves. I’m already setting aside money for volumes and it’ll be even better if we get copies through other means. What I’m saying is, yeah, you’ve guessed it…

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